Mission of Mercy

Who Said Dentistry Couldn’t Be Mobile!?

The Mission of Mercy is a faith-based nonprofit that aims to provide free healthcare for the Maryland and Pennsylvania community. On February 6, 2019, the nonprofit debuted the new Mission of Mercy mobile dental clinic. Spanning over 40 feet, and being made with only state-of-the-art material, Dr. Uffer was one of the enabling volunteer dentists that stood side-by-side with the mobile dental clinic as he provided day-long help for patients in need of dental work – who could not afford dental insurance.

Dr. Uffer takes his volunteer dental work extremely seriously. Dental anxiety is alive and more common than people believe – Dr. Uffer understands that seeing a dentist can be extremely daunting. He uses his sense of humor to ease his patient’s tensions in hopes of getting them to relax.

“They forgot to bring gowns once, so I improvised and put a trash bag over me as a gown! The first patient we had was scared of dentists, so I was like, ‘so, it’s come down to this’… they thought that was funny and eased him down!”

Winning the patient is more than half the battle! Although he does like to joke with his patients, he understands his duties as a healthcare professional. Dr. Uffer is more than excited to be blessed with the opportunity to work hand in hand with the Mission of Mercy.

“Everybody is doing stuff overseas, which is great… but, we have enough people in our backyard we should be helping. The Mission of Mercy gives me a platform where I can do just that!”

“It’s funny, most people don’t like going to the dentist,” he said. “Here, the dentists are rock stars, because we’re going to get you out of pain. They want to see us.”

Dr. Uffer understands that he has the ability to contribute his time and skillset to make a difference in the lives of people who cannot access or afford oral health care. When not managing New Windsor Family Dentistry or volunteering, Dr. Uffer enjoys spending time with his wife and twins, along with composing original music scores.

Dr. Uffer assisting patients in need of dental work within the Mission of Mercy's mobile dental clinic.
Donating to St. Jude



Dr. Uffer had run a program where he donated half of the fees from VELscope exams to St. Jude.