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Cerec  allows me to make your crown right in the office on the same day. In fact, sometimes I can make a "partial crown" called an onlay, which can save valuable tooth structure. These crowns have no metal in them and are all ceramic(so there are no metal lines to see). Click on the word "cerec"  in this paragraph and you will see a video that shows  cerec in action.  This is a part of my interview with "medical minute" segment that had aired on television.

Velscope  is a technology that helps me look for oral cancer.  It is a quick and painless test that draws  my attention to areas that do not flouresce under its special light. Oral cancer is not common, but it caries a 50% mortality rate. It is critical to catch it early so that the survival rate improves.

I use xrays that are scanned into a computer. This allows me to enlarge them in great detail so that you can see what I see. The type of  " film" used is called a phosphor plate. These are thinner than conventional digital xray sensors (and  they have no wires). I am also able to email them to other specialists so you don't have to worry about carrying the xrays with you!

I use this to see great detail when I am peforming certain procedures on my patients. The amount of information that this tool gives me is astounding. It allows me to work with great precision and accuracy.

This device lets me work around metal restorations and implants to improve visibility and clinical success when tissue resection is needed

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